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We have dug our Flags in Whatsapp marketing

Whatsapp has become one the biggest message sharing app, and the latest business and promotion features have only increased commotion for it.

Case studies about how different companies have used this method should intrigue your senses.

Clark rats to Rudeboys started bot based group formation in whatsapp for messaging. Later on, at the time of discussion, links were provided by Clark rats for increased conversion rates.

Similarly many players such as Netflix, Hellmann, Absolut Unique, Kukurigo, Delhi police, Adidas and BJP have all used whatsapp for their campaigns.

Whether it be for casual interaction, college file transfer or for a group team meeting, whatsapp is still one of the most preferred option for messaging by majority of companies.

In Flags Digital, we have taken whatsapp marketing agency game to a whole new level. Using our customer experience tools meant for resource planning and customer relationship, we have aced the way of how our clients use whatsapp for marketing.


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