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We Answer your QUORA-tions.

Quora, similar to Reddit, is a public forum which creates databases for questions and answers posted by a community of readers. It pulls off around 200 million unique monthly visitors, and advertisements in this segment cannot be ignored.

This allows us to create targeted advertisements for these self-serving platform users. Contextual targeting to behavioural targeting principles can apply through Quora marketing campaigns.

Few of the advantages Quora advertisers can have are:-
  1. Metric for advertisements
  2. Focused intent by users
  3. Rewarded for quality content
  4. Enormous levels of engagement

At Flags Digital, we will help your customers get the right solutions for the right challenges with our highly specialized tools and services. Our 20 years of experience have handled cases from all types of backgrounds.

Whether it is web traffic or look alike audiences, whether it be keyword targeting or question targeting using keyword or question history, Flags have the expertise as quora advertising agency to deal with all hurdles for your promotions.


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