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5 Solid Twitter marketing strategy for your business

Twitter is a great social network for research, engagement, and awareness. Creating a page and deciding a twitter handle is easy. What is not so easy is growing your Twitter account and making it a tool that generates leads and builds up your brand’s name. The most important thing is to engage with your target audience and interact with them. You can become a pro in this fast-paced network and grow your online presence.

The approach for every social media platform should be different. The strategy for your twitter account has to be different from that of Pinterest and Facebook. We have come up with some of the easy tips that can help you develop a great Twitter marketing strategy.

1. Use of link shorteners: Link shorteners are famous for the character space they save. They are used to make your tweets look neat. Some of the popular services are Tinyurl and Bitly.

2. Use of video and images: Adding visuals can make your tweets interesting and can also drive great engagement. According to a research, videos gain 2.8x more retweets than tweets without.

3. Don’t just tweet, tweet at the right time: It is always said that there are best times to schedule your post to increase engagement. Since every business is different, so brands should conduct an analysis of their tweets to discover tailored schedules.

4. Twitter chats: They can build authority and allows you to connect with customers and promote your brand.

5. Make your tweets conversational: Your tweet consists of headlines, quotes or funny statement. It should create a reason for communication and conversation.

If you use any of these strategies, you will surely go beyond the basics of setting a Twitter account and drive the success of your brand.

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